Supporting Inclusive Practices (SIP)    


As recipients of the Supporting Inclusive Practices grant, the East Valley SELPA is committed to improving inclusive practices for students with disabilities.  The East Valley SELPA Ribbon of Inclusion is a four tiered award designed to recognize schools who have established positive cultural and inclusive settings.  Professional development opportunities are identified to expand staff capacity and enrich the inclusive opportunities for all students. 

Supporting Inclusive Practices Resources:


Katie Novak SEL and UDL Frameworks to Improve Students Outcomes Training Series:


Katie Novak Online Courses





Shelley Moore 5 More Minutes Videos

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                Season 2

                Inclusion Strategies

                Book Club


Supporting Inclusive Practices

                Archived Virtual Events

                SIP Zooming In & Zooming Out Kickoff April 25, 2022

                September 20, 2022 new link when available


Anne Beninghof Co-Teaching

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Bureau of Educational Research (BER)


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                Strengthening Your Co-Teaching Program

       Practical Co-Teaching Strategies for Effectively Support your English Language Learners in Inclusive Classrooms

       Co-Teaching that Works: Powerful Strategies to Accelerate Student Success in Today's Inclusive Classrooms

       Best Practices in Co-Teaching: Effective Strategies and Realistic Solutions for Inclusive Classrooms

       Best, Specially Designed Instruction Strategies to Strengthen your Co-Teaching

       Best, Powerful Co-Teaching Strategies to Accelerate Student Success

       Practical Co-Teaching Strategies: Increasing Students' Success in Today's Inclusive Classroom

       Strengthening Your Co-Teaching: New, Innovative Ideas for Accelerating Student Success