Program Specialists Services

The EV SELPA provides professional learning opportunities and training for staff, parents and community members through our Program Specialist services.  To efficiently meet the needs of each district in the East Valley SELPA, the Program Specialists serve as a resource to administrators, general education teachers, special education teachers, related services personnel, students, and parents.  The Program Specialists are under the direction and supervision of the SELPA Administrator.  To access Program Specialist services, a district request is completed.  Possible services may include: 

  • Behavior support
  • Support service providers and district staff in the assessment process
  • Core curriculum access
  • IEP development, writing goals, IEP implementation, and progress monitoring
  • Train, model, and coach staff in instructional techniques and materials
  • Assist in the integration of special education students into regular education classrooms or into the community
  • Collect data through observation and other informal assessment
  • Assist in locating or preparing specialized materials for students with unique needs
  • Provide training to regular and special education teachers, related service providers, instructional aides, administrators, and parents on a variety of topics based on specific needs or requests
  • Assist in planning for students at all grade levels to prepare for transition from formal education to adult life
  • Represent EV SELPA in regional and state organizations to bring back cutting-edge information to our member districts
  • Support the activities of the Community Advisory Committee