ADR-Alternative Dispute Resolution


ADR in the EV SELPA and How to Make a Request

The East Valley SELPA embraces the tenets of resolving differences in a collaborative and meaningful manner.  To do so, in place is a SELPA-wide ADR initiative and an ADR Cadre made up of representatives from each member LEA (Local Education Agency/District). The focus of the initiative is to build a foundation for strong relationships between all stakeholders based on intentional and proactive planning.

The East Valley SELPA is a statewide and regional leader in providing ADR trainings and supporting ADR activities for parents and educators so that differences can be resolved, and resolutions reached that benefit students in an expeditious and equitable manner. 

ADR may be requested by either parent(s) or the district. ADR is entirely voluntary and must be agreed to by all involved parties. The SELPA Program Manager gathers information from all involved, clarifies the issues, provides information about the process, and assists the parties in determining whether the situation is best served through a Facilitated IEP (FIEP) or an Informal Resolution Session (IRS). An EV SELPA ADR Cadre member is identified to serve as the ADR Facilitator and contacts all parties to discuss the issues and plan for the FIEP or IRS.

A parent may request ADR by contacting the East Valley SELPA and requesting to speak with the Program Manager, Regional Services. Phone 909-252-4507 to do so.

District staff, with the approval of the district Special Education Administrator, may request ADR by completing the EV-38 ADR District Request Form (posted on the EV SELPA website – forms section).