Community Advisory Committee


The East Valley SELPA Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is a group of parents and educators who work together to advocate for the needs of students with disabilities and their families.  CAC Members are another source of support and information for parents concerning IEPs and other issues related to students with special needs.  The CAC is mandated by the California Education Code (Sections 56190-56194), which states that each Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) must form a CAC.  Participating members of the EV SELPA CAC are chosen by its member districts and approved by each member district’s governing board.  

The CAC reviews the Local Plan for Special Education, suggests topics for and participates in parent education, encourages community involvement, and supports activities on behalf of individuals with exceptional needs.  To do this, the CAC holds regular quarterly meetings.   For more information, or to be placed on the CAC mailing list for meeting announcements, workshops, and special speakers, please contact Rosalva Contreras East Valley SELPA Administrative Assistant at (909) 252-4507.


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